Friday, 15 November 2013

Day 14: Soft and Gentle

Like most people we are always on the search for the best eye liner, mascara, and all manor of things! For me I have been on the hunt for the perfect deodorant, and at long last I found it! 'Soft and Gentle Passion Flower and Black Orchid Deodorant

With a feminine and sultry scent that can be reminded of perfume or body spray this deodorant was the scent that after applying, I could smell most frequently throughout the day, which I would think must be down to to the body responsive technology reactivating it. The best thing I found with this deodorant is that it left me feeling totally dry with no irritation or stinging and, importantly, absolutely no white residue on my skin or clothes and did not leave a nasty feeling of wetness that some deodorants give straight after application.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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