Friday, 14 June 2013

Thigh gap .. Myth or reality

The Internet these days are full of ways to achieve the 'thigh gap' just one Google search and it can bring up 100's of techniques, but in reality is it really worth it? I'm my opinion if your thighs touch your doing it right. 

Don't let the media and other people around you fool you into thinking that the only way to acceptable to society to be as thin as a twig, in reality you are so much more! Take Beyonce and Kim Kardasian 'the big booty' so they say, these are the kind if woman to embracing! 

Take Britney Spears in this edit.. The smaller bum, toned thighs and even going as far as a tattoo removal. 

Ann Taylor Model photo-shop edit hit the media with an offence uproar. In what way does she need to thinner? 

Be happy with the body you have, every scar and lump and bump are what make you you, and to put yourself down is the worst thing you can do.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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