Friday, 2 August 2013

Small Breasts

No matter what your body shape, us girls will always try and find something that's not to our liking; ' My thighs are huge' .. 'my legs look like tree stumps' and so on and so forth. The most popular issue I have notice is breasts. They are either too small, too big or don't sit how we want them. 

For girls with smaller breasts even though you don't know it, you actually have an advantage on girls with bigger breasts. To your confusion understand that some girls with big breasts envy you by having smaller breasts ... Confused? 

  • Don't try to get bigger boobs. Wear the right size bra. 
  • Girls with smaller boobs tend to be more athletic and find sports easier.
  • Clothes fit better as they are designed for thinner people. 
  • They don't get in the way when you hug people.
  • They don't hurt so much when you run.
  • They won't sag as much as everyone else's when your older.
  • Sleeping on my front.
  • You have more room to stuff things in your bra, for safe keeping! (Money, Phone, etc.) 

    Bubzbeauty: Bra Fitting guide
Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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