Friday, 8 November 2013

Day 7: Never Have I Smelt So Good!

For me personally shower gel is something I spend about £2 on, that's two big bottles from the Poundland or one that happens to be on special offer at the supermarket. When looking around TK Maxx on a very dead Saturday, and finding too many bargains that I much wanted to take home to call my own, I noticed a clearance section amongst all the rows and beauty products. And well, being a girl and incredibly nosey I just had to take a wander over. Rows and rows of cheap as chips make-up and hair products, but what caught my attention most was 'Alice Tinker London Vanilla Shower Gel' 

From £24.99 to £3 and smelling like Cream Soda, not vanilla at all! I could not leave it behind. For the sweetest smells and feeling squeaky clean after a long hot bath/shower there is nothing better! 

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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