Friday, 28 June 2013

How To Use A Tampon

Some girls get nervous about using tampons for the time and are scared to ask the questions;
'How do I use one?' ' Will it hurt?' etc..

Most people find talking to a stranger or a friend for help on these subjects is better, rather than a parent as it can be quite embarrassing for most people. So think of me as good friend helping you threw something your might be very nervous about.

Things To Know Before You Start Using Tampons:

Before you use a tampon for the first time, it is important that you understand how it works and where it goes in your body. 
A tampon has four parts: the barrel, grip, plunger, and the tampon itself.

How to Use a Tampon:

1.With clean hands unwrap a fresh tampon and while standing or sitting in a comfortable position (what ever you feel more comfortable doing) 

2. Hold the applicator by the grip with your thumb and middle finger of one hand.

3. With your free hand spread the folds of skin around the vaginal opening and place the tip of the barrel in the opening of your vagina. All vaginas slant upwards towards your back. With this in mind gently slide the applicator in an upwards and backwards direction, some people will find it easier to slightly rotate or twist the applicator from side to side. Stop pushing when your thumb and finger touch your body.

4. Still holding the applicator by the grip, push the bottom of the applicator completely up inside the barrel. This will slides the tampon out of the applicator and into your vagina.

 5. Holding tight onto the grip and the barrel, they are now one inside the other, gently take out both the barrel and applicator tubes together. (they are connected). Wrapping them in tissue put the in the bin provided. You will now see that the cord of the tampon is now hanging down outside your body. Now wash your hands.

In a nut shell - The barrel goes inside you, you hold onto the grip (it stays outside) and you push the plunger into the barrel to insert the tampon inside you. Once its in place, you won’t be able to feel it. If you can feel it, then it’s not inside far enough.

For more help and questions answered Click Here

Shaping Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make your face as they frame and enlarge your eyes. A correctly shaped eyebrow can change the way you look, they can hide your flaws and enhance your beauty spot. 

The beginning of the eyebrow should be in line with the inner corner of the eye, and should end just beyond the eye. The perfect arch. The greater the distance between the two eye brows the wider your nose will look. Tweeze hair on nose bridge (if any are there) immediately. Remove hairs that are obviously outside the natural shape. 

When tweexing, remove a few hairs from one eyebrow and alternate between the two like a yo-yo. This will eliminate over-tweezing and helps achieve a more natural look. Pluck from under the arch, NEVER pluck from above and ruin the natural arch as it will cause chaotic regrowth. If a few hairs are missing drawin each hairusing a light feather touch stroke. To keep brow hairs swept up, deposit damp soap on eyebrow brush or spray hairspray on eyebrows brush and brush threw eyebrows. For a finishing look apply clear mascara to keep the hairs in the right place.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Contact Lenses

How to wear contact lenses: 

                Assuming the whole world has only eyes for you, you should make sure that you are able to see them good and clear. If you do not have 20/20 vision glasses are very becoming and give an air of intelligence to a person. But if they don't suit you, you can always turn to lenses. 

Myths and Legends
It is impossible to get contact lenses stuck behind your eyes. They can break but they don't tent to shatter in your eye. You can not loose them in your eye, they are in there somewhere or you did indeed drop them on the floor, so mind where you step...

How to fit contact lenses: 

1. Wash, rinse and dry hand thoroughly 

NOTE: It is very important not to let water near you lenses. A wet finger could cause a lenses to flatten, avoid using fingernails when handing the lenses as you could scratch them.

2. Learn the perfect routine, then stick to it. Always insert and apply in the same order to prevent confusion or skipping a vital part of the ritual.

3. Pour the lens from container, with the storage fluid, into the palm.

4. Using a mirror examine the eyes for any debris, tears or excessive watering before insertion. And check the contact itself is intact and not chipped or buckled. Do not use if damaged.

5. Is the lense the right side up? 

6. The actual insertation. Until now its been all talk and no action
   a) Hold the upper eyelid open to stop it blinking shut, which will be its involuntary action.
   b) Une the Tumb to pull the lower eyelid down.
   c) Look upwards at the celing and with your finger place the lens onto the white part of the eye (with more practice you will eventually just put the lens directly onto the centre of your eye.) It will wiggle the lens naturally in a wink of an  eye, literally, into the right position.
   d) Try NOT to panic, squirm or do any sudden movement as it will prolong the procedure.
   e) Remove your finger and try not to blink. Allow the lens to fix into position by looking down. 

7. Relax and close the eye for a moment, when you open your eyes everything should look crystal clear.

8. If the eye feels dry use one or two of your eye drops.

How to remove contact lenses: 

Don't panic, you got it in your eye, it is possible to get it our.

1. Ensure your hands are clean and dry with no scratchy unfilled nails.

2. Look up - or to the side - and position the contact lens on the white part of your eye sliding it across by using the forefinger.

3. pinch contact lens gently between the thumb and the forefinger. (with longer nails this will take more time and practice) 

4. It should come out easily, but practice makes perfect.

5. Place the lens on the tray to be cleaned and repeat the progress for the other lens, giving your eyes a chance to recover.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Glossybox June 2013

What is Glossybox?

"In your Glossybox you get the best beauty products and the latest make-up trends every month direct to your home. Each member of Glossybox receives a shiny Glossybox containing five specially selected luxury samples. Whether it is a product by a luxury brand or a special new product - the products range from the hottest lipsticks to the newest hair products. All samples were specifically selected and tested by our professionals. Glossybox lets you discover simply your new favourite products for the your day-to-day life or glamorous nights out.
Your Glossybox holds many surprises and the most exclusive beauty tricks. Find the right products for your skin type and let us guide you through the world of beauty."

As per every month when I receive my Glossybox I'm hastily opening it to see what goodies await me. I've had this months Glossybox for a few weeks now and thought it was about time to say my thoughts before it came too late.

The pencil itself is soft but sturdy. It applies smoothly like other similar products I've tried, the smudgier on the other hand is very good as it creates a smoky blur that is easy to do. As for being waterproof, I'm not 100% sure it is as it does have a tendency to smudge a little over the day. 

Organic Surge's Colour Protect Conditioner feeds your hair what an all manor of foods needed, including; organic essential oils, vitamins and minerals. It is free from all such ingredients as; harsh chemicals and is totally free of commonly-used silicones that can dull and weigh down your hair.

Figs & Rouge Coco Rose Lip Balm is made with 100% natural ingrediants that nourish your lips and keeps 
them super soft throughout the day. It;s packed with Natural Anti-oxidants & deeply penetrating skin 
conditioners that keeps lips supple & hydrated.

Inspired by the inherent qualities possessed by a true free spirit, each and every gloss tells a story. Features maxi-brush technology to guarentee a seamless and professional one-stroke application.Premium long-lasting, high-shine nail gloss complete with maxi-brush for one-stroke application

Soft focus technology helps to blur all those imperfections and to correct uneven skin tone. Including Vitamin E, to fight free radicals it is a good way to stop your face from ageing is to protect it from the sun.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Ladies MOT

Whether you are born like a supermodel or not you still need to take care of yourself. In this reality appearances are everything and ensuring you have regular MOT's is an essential part of being a lady, or not, case depending.

Waxing is too painful for most people, but its is more defiantly worth it. It ensure finer hair growth, lasts longer than shaving, gives a smoother and more feminine feel. Exfoliating is essential to any beauty routines, it frees follicles, loosens up hairs ready for waxing by freeing the roots and making it less painful.

You budget on the upkeep of your house, regularly service your car (if you have one that is), so why cut corners on yourself?

The Bare Essential Ladies MOT

Bikini Line - Deep breath, a brazilian every 2-3 weeks. Note before we leave this topic, be wise and never shave here.

Underarms - Either wax every 2-3 weeks or shave every other day. You sweat more in the summer so there is faster regrowth.

Legs -Wax here every 3-4 weeks or shave as required. Go for half a leg in the winter and full in the summer, though dark hairs may require more maintenance. Waxing and salon methods are much more affective than a razor.

Eyebrows - Get plucked, waxed or threaded, whatever you prefer. Whatever you decide it is advised you do it once a month. But there is always plucking at home.

Facial - The stresses of modern society mean it is recommended you have a salon facial every 6 weeks to purify and detox skin.

Pedicure/ Manicure - Once a month to maintain shape and colour.

Lip Hair - If you have it, deal with it. Wax once a month or as necessary, bleaching is utterly pointless it will only just lighten the hair, when the sun hits it it will be on full display.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Friday, 21 June 2013

My Second Home

Being the first person on both sides of my family to be born in South of England, I very much miss my northern roots. Every time I'm up there in forever taking pictures and going off on adventures!

I'm forever wandering off, finding new things to photograph!

I don't count myself to be the best photographer, but with perfection comes lots practice!

The thought of walking down the street and not knowing what's around the corner!

Maybe I might see someone who's famous?

The possibilities are endless.. You'll never know until you try!

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

How to: Do a Home Pedicure

Not going to lie but I can not stand feet, weather they are my own or other people. they completely freak me out! And making them acceptable is just the worst job in my books..

Your feet go threw so much from running up stairs to dancing in 6" heels. Its time they deserve a little treat in the form of Love and Attention.

- First remove any old nail varnish, and soak feet in warm water. While your feet are soaking why not grab a book? or watch a bit of TV? Only leave them soaking for a long as it takes to drink a cup of tea.

- Clip and file toenails straight

- Push back toe cuticles. They should be soft after soaking but if they are still a bit firm you can always use a cuticle softener.

- Use a pumice stone to smooth out any rough skin.

- Separate your toes. You can use tissue as a substitute as folding longways and twisting in and out between each toe, if you do not have a toe separator

- Apply a clear base coat and allow to dry. This is he perfect foundation so don't skip this stage.

- Apply Polish. for a deeper colour apply numerous coats.

- After they have completely dried apply a clear top coat to seal in all that colour.

And that is the easiest way I have found to do a home pedicure on a budget but still looking professional.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Primark Haul June 2013

It is more than impossible to go into Primark and not buy the whole shop.. Just wondering around and picking up anything that takes your fancy and throwing it it that Mary Poppins shopping bag. These were all purchased over the last two months but they should still have them in stock if anything takes your fancy.

Bracelet - £2.50

Necklace - £2

Snood - £4

Argan Oil Hair Mask - £4

Basketball Oversized Tee - £6

Cami Dress - £3

Pale Mint Dress - £15

High Waisted Trousers - £13

Disco Pants - £16

Hair Bow - £1.50

White Satchel - £9

Micky Mouse Cropped Tee - £6

Dog Door Stop - £5 .. Trainer Socks - £2.50

 Phone Case/ Mini Purse - £4

Lip Balms - £1 each

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!
Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Thigh gap .. Myth or reality

The Internet these days are full of ways to achieve the 'thigh gap' just one Google search and it can bring up 100's of techniques, but in reality is it really worth it? I'm my opinion if your thighs touch your doing it right. 

Don't let the media and other people around you fool you into thinking that the only way to acceptable to society to be as thin as a twig, in reality you are so much more! Take Beyonce and Kim Kardasian 'the big booty' so they say, these are the kind if woman to embracing! 

Take Britney Spears in this edit.. The smaller bum, toned thighs and even going as far as a tattoo removal. 

Ann Taylor Model photo-shop edit hit the media with an offence uproar. In what way does she need to thinner? 

Be happy with the body you have, every scar and lump and bump are what make you you, and to put yourself down is the worst thing you can do.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Should I wear heels?

High heels are not just for evenings girls! They do wonders for trousers, jeans, skirts and even pyjamas all you need to be is adventurous.

When choosing that perfect pair of shoes to go with that outfit just think:

Weather - Will they get ruined if it rains? How long can I last in them?

How deep is the carpet - You don't want to be walking around and getting your heel stuck in every nook and cranny. 

Can i get from A to B or do i need more help? - Are they made for walking, or will they just fall apart? 

Hazards - Children, crowds, cracks in the floor, uneven surfaces, the weather. 

Dress Code - The perfect pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. So choose wisely. 

Short Arse - Are you going to tower over everyone your with?

Hang the Kittens - In no way are 'kitten heels' acceptable.. No.. Just no.

Know Your Realistic Time Limit - Are you going o be able to cope?

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fit Everything In Your Bag

Ever find that when your running around to get ready that you leave no time to sort your bag out? 

A girls handbag is her own private sanctuary and only the privileged and the most trusted are aloud access. Most people say you should only have 2 bag, everyday and evening.. But in reality who can only live with two bags? Several plus is the right amount!


- Mobile Phone
- Purse and Change
- Make-up
- Keys
- Compact Mirror 
- Plasters
- Tissues
- Aspirin
- Mints
- Deodorant

 Little Extras in needed!

- Notebook
- Pens Pencils
- On the go lip-gloss 
- Perfume (sample/full size)
- Safety Pins
- Diary/ Address Book
- Business Cards

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hair Care

Getting annoyed trying to train that frizz ball you call hair? With these three guide lines you wont have any trouble getting those locks back to pristine condition.

The Three Main Rules of Hair Care.

Protect Your Hair - When you straighten your hair you're clamping it between two red hot irons - you wouldn't do that to a nice silk blouse, would you?"

Never start styling your hair when it's dripping wet. Leave it to dry until just damp, then finish with a dryer.

Condition Your Hair - Hair, like skin, needs moisture to maintain its vitality and look youthful. Use a treatment on your hair 1 to 2 times a week.

If you suffer from a dry, flaky scalp, massage warm coconut or olive oil through your hair and scalp. Blast it with a hairdryer to melt the oil, wrap your head in a towel and leave it overnight. Wash as normal the next morning and you'll find your hair shinier and your scalp free from dryness.

Trim Your Hair - Trimming removes the split ends that, if left, can give your hair a frizzy texture.

Trimming your fringe or the bits around your face between haircuts can also make your hair look better groomed. Don't get too scissor-happy though - we've all seen disastrous DIY fringes. Many salons will trim your fringe for free if you're a regular customer.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopahlics!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Golden Rules of Sale Shopping

It's so easy to get drawn into a sale by seeing those cheap cheap prices of what you couldn't afford before. But getting the prices of £5 and £8 all add up and by the end of it your at the till will £50 in your hand thinking "How is it that much?". 

Make a Plan - Know the shops you want to visit and know where the sale is, then you can head strait in that direction.

Comfortable Dress Wear - No expliantion needed if your trying on countless amount of clothes!

Stay Simple- As many people think the sales are the time to experiment with new fashion ideas, its not! That pair of bright pink bootcut jeans have 70% off for a reason no one will be wearing them next year.

Double Up - If you find those perfect pair of jeans during the sales, it's worth buying two pairs. Save one for when the first are starting to wear out - you'll be thankful in months to come.

Try Before You Buy - Even though long queues for changing rooms can put you off, it's always worth trying clothes on before you buy. 

Check The Small Things - Check clothes for dodgy zips, snags and missing buttons before you hand over your cash.

Check the Returns Policy - Many shops only offer an exchange on sale items so make sure its what you really want and if you will be able to return it before the time is up.

Early Bird - when the shops first open is the best time to shop, you can see everything in its right place, all the sizes are there and no one to get in your way

Know Your Challenge - If the dress with the tricky fastening/ broken zip is the last one available a
nd it really is a bargain, zips and buttons can easily be replaced by someone in-the-know. A gaping blouse or shirt can easily be rectified with a discreet press stud.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!