Monday, 15 July 2013

Walking On All Surfaces

Ihe trick is to know what your dealing with, know the problem.. know the solutions! 

Carpet - The deeper the the pile, the greater the danger. go for shallow patches, when walking stab the heel in deep for a good balance. Ifs its your carpet on the other hand.. put on thicker heels as spikes an destroy a shag pile.

Cobble Stones - There is no way of battling them just keep an even footing and find your centre of gravity.

Wood Slats - Walk tall, fast and in a strait line. Get your heel wedged in a gap and you could be there all  night.

The Beach - Only the most skilled have difficulty walking on sand and cobblestones. Keep it flat and simple.

Grids - The smaller the scarier, walk on the balls of your feet. The thinner the heel the more wary you should be.

Escalators - Hold onto the rail, go on tip-toes and don't let your heel sit in the grooves.

Airports - This requires a lot of walking, so go for footwear that has is slouchy and soft. Leave the spikes until you land.

Pavement - Stay on the inside and avoid the cracks. 

Marble - TAKE CARE. One slip and your floored. It looks good, but in reality its like a sheet of ice.

Dance Floor - Glitter and sparkle it up! Get those killer heels out and rock them.

Travel Heels - For tubes, buses and modes of public transport have ballet pumps or flats, either on or in your bag.

Driving Heels - Bare feet or flats, DO NOT DRIVE IN HEELS!

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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