Tuesday, 2 July 2013

When a Heel Breaks

All heels have steel rods inside the flesh of the heel so they shouldn't break, and if they do you are walking at a very strange angle.  But if this happens while you are out, improvise.

  • If it has snapped off altogether retrieve it.
  • If it is hanging off try to wedge it back on 
  • With both of the above transfer all the weight to the balls of your foot instantly. 
  • Walk on tip toes, find a seat or lean in a stylish way against the wall.
  • If you are required to stand still place all your weight on the foot with the heel intact, but don't stand still for too long.
  • Do not draw attention to a broken heel, you will be inviting ridicule.
  • Retire to replace shoes at the soonest convenience.
  • Call the taxi home!
Happy Shopping Fellow Shopahollics!

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