Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chlorine and Your Hair

For the past couple of months now I have been to my local swimming pool at least 3 times a week. Mainly to get back into an exercise routine and lets face it, splashing around in the pool and trying to touch the very bottom! 

The biggest things about swimming that puts me off is how it effects my hair. The chemicals used in public swimming pools are used to kill bacteria that can breed in the water and cause illness but these same chemicals can also cause your hair to become dry give you a crowning head of a frazzled frizz. If your is coloured or bleached the chemicals can discolour the hair, turning it green. 

Taking just a few easy steps you are able to protect your hair from all the chemicals when going to a the swimming pool.

Tip 1: 
Wet your hair with tap water before entering the swimming pool. 
As your hair is now wet with clean water is less likely to absorb the swimming pool chemicals.

Tip 2:
Tie your hair up out of the way. 
This will help to keep the majority of your hair dry and by also tying it up it can prevents the loose hair from floating into the pool and clogging the pool filter.

Tip 3:
Wear a swimming cap. 
Swimming caps can protect the pool and your hair, for the best results I would recommend a silicone cap as it protect the hair and allows your head to breathe.

Tip 4:
Apply hair conditioner before getting into the swimming pool. 
Applying a hair conditioner before you enter the pool is an added bonus for your hair to absorb more 'good stuff' for your hair rather than off of the chemicals.

Tip 5:
Shampoo hair strait after leaving the swimming pool. 
Showering and shampooing your hair immediately after leaving the pool, makes sure that chemicals are not allowing themselves to cling onto you making it dry on the skin and hair.

Tip 6:
Condition your hair. Hair conditioner helps to keep your crowning glory in peak shape at all times. A deep conditioning treatment adds moisture and shine to hair.

Tip 7:
Buy a clarifying shampoo.
Shampoos, such as Aloe Rid by Nexxus and Shampoo Three by Paul Mitchell, as by far the best for removing chemicals and impurities from the hair. Although do keep in mind that clarifying shampoos are designed only for occasional use and not everyday use.

Tip 8:
A deep conditioning treatment weekly. 
For best results ask your hair stylist for recommendations. I personally swear by Serie Expert by L'Oreal Professional Intense Repair Masque Pot it is perfect for you if you suffer from dry, damaged & chemically treated hair, heat damaged hair and split ends. It's only £13.99 on Amazon but I am sure there are cheaper sites to find it on.

I hope you all found these little tips helpful on keeping your hair is good condition and not letting it get damaged by chemicals! If you have any more hand-know-alls please leave them down below.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics"

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