Friday, 4 October 2013

Exiting Any Car Like A Lady

Getting out of the car may seem like the easiest thing you can do, but when wearing a mini skirt paired with skyscraper heels it can be one of the most difficult things. Just knowing the basics can help you get over the hurdle.

Step 1: Prepare your clothing... 
Before you even open the door, get your skirt or dress ready for your exit.
If your wearing a short skirt make sure you are covered by pulling down the material as far as you can.
If your wearing a long skirt, dress or have a train make sure it is covering your knees and push any extra material to the middle of the car, so you don't fall over it whilst getting out.

Step 2: Opening the door...
Open the door as far as you can stretch your arm.
Try not to lean out the vehicle whilst opening the door, but make sure it's open far enough that you can exit gracefully.
(If your date/chauffeur opens the door for you, all the better)

Step 3: Getting out (part 1)
Keeping your kness together put your feet on the ground whilst swivelling your hips and upper body towards the door.
Use your hands to help you out by placing one on the seat beside you pushing you up and the other holding down either your skirt or steadying yourself whilst getting up.

Step 4: Getting out (part 2) 
Dipping your head as you get out, so you don't hit your head on the car door with embarrassment. 
Making sure your feet are firmly on the ground with a steady grip, before stepping away from the car. 

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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