Friday, 24 May 2013

Body Shapes .. Top Heavy

With the media defining what is beauty now its very rare to find someone who is comfortable in there own body, we all try to make changes on how we style our hair or adjust our hight with heels. We all have the no-shoe zones on out body but there are clever ways we can play with the eye and make them show zones.

  • Make sure the bra you are wearing is the correct size.
  • High neck tops and T-shirts will make your boobies look bigger than they actually are. 
  • Wide scoop-necks show off your collar bone.
  • V-necks will draw attention to your neck and face rather than your cleavage but avoid anything too plunging if you want to have a face-to-face conversation.
  • Tight tops may cause 'sausage syndrome' where your bust appears to have merged into a single sausage stuck on your chest. 
  • Wear a loose top to allow fabric to dip between your breasts.
  • Corset tops and empire lines in dresses and tops are flattering as they give structure to your torso while giving extra support to your bosom.
  • Try wrap tops and dresses that highlight your waist.
  • To wear a strappy vest find those with an invisible bra stitched in.
  • Bravissimo has a good selection.
  • The Illusion of a smaller bust is made by wearing plain dark colours on top and prints for your lower half. 
  • Blouses and tops should be kept simple with no fussy frills or unnecessary detailing.
  • High-necked jackets and funnel necks are a NO.
  • Slim lapels on a single-breasted jacket are much better and will help to visually minimise your chest.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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