Sunday, 11 August 2013

Keeping a Tidy Bedroom

For me one of the things I hate most is tidying my room! I find it a chore and a waste of time. I'm going to share with you some little tips I have to keep your room tidy and never again having to spend hours tidying your mess up.

1. Make your bed. A messy bed can make a clean room look messy. 

2. Keep food out of your room. All of those dirty dishes and wrappers can mess up a room fast. 

3. Put things back where they belong. By following this rule you will never have to worry about your room being a disaster ever again. 

4. Maintenance. Simply cleaning dust off your desk, bookshelves, and other dusty surfaces. Vacuum and sweep your floor. Wash your sheets. Maybe clean off windows.

Before you go to bed, take aside a few minutes to pick up any dirty clothing or wrappers you forgot to put away and make sure your room at least looks decent before you settle into bed.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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