Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Ladies MOT

Whether you are born like a supermodel or not you still need to take care of yourself. In this reality appearances are everything and ensuring you have regular MOT's is an essential part of being a lady, or not, case depending.

Waxing is too painful for most people, but its is more defiantly worth it. It ensure finer hair growth, lasts longer than shaving, gives a smoother and more feminine feel. Exfoliating is essential to any beauty routines, it frees follicles, loosens up hairs ready for waxing by freeing the roots and making it less painful.

You budget on the upkeep of your house, regularly service your car (if you have one that is), so why cut corners on yourself?

The Bare Essential Ladies MOT

Bikini Line - Deep breath, a brazilian every 2-3 weeks. Note before we leave this topic, be wise and never shave here.

Underarms - Either wax every 2-3 weeks or shave every other day. You sweat more in the summer so there is faster regrowth.

Legs -Wax here every 3-4 weeks or shave as required. Go for half a leg in the winter and full in the summer, though dark hairs may require more maintenance. Waxing and salon methods are much more affective than a razor.

Eyebrows - Get plucked, waxed or threaded, whatever you prefer. Whatever you decide it is advised you do it once a month. But there is always plucking at home.

Facial - The stresses of modern society mean it is recommended you have a salon facial every 6 weeks to purify and detox skin.

Pedicure/ Manicure - Once a month to maintain shape and colour.

Lip Hair - If you have it, deal with it. Wax once a month or as necessary, bleaching is utterly pointless it will only just lighten the hair, when the sun hits it it will be on full display.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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