Saturday, 1 June 2013

Golden Rules of Sale Shopping

It's so easy to get drawn into a sale by seeing those cheap cheap prices of what you couldn't afford before. But getting the prices of £5 and £8 all add up and by the end of it your at the till will £50 in your hand thinking "How is it that much?". 

Make a Plan - Know the shops you want to visit and know where the sale is, then you can head strait in that direction.

Comfortable Dress Wear - No expliantion needed if your trying on countless amount of clothes!

Stay Simple- As many people think the sales are the time to experiment with new fashion ideas, its not! That pair of bright pink bootcut jeans have 70% off for a reason no one will be wearing them next year.

Double Up - If you find those perfect pair of jeans during the sales, it's worth buying two pairs. Save one for when the first are starting to wear out - you'll be thankful in months to come.

Try Before You Buy - Even though long queues for changing rooms can put you off, it's always worth trying clothes on before you buy. 

Check The Small Things - Check clothes for dodgy zips, snags and missing buttons before you hand over your cash.

Check the Returns Policy - Many shops only offer an exchange on sale items so make sure its what you really want and if you will be able to return it before the time is up.

Early Bird - when the shops first open is the best time to shop, you can see everything in its right place, all the sizes are there and no one to get in your way

Know Your Challenge - If the dress with the tricky fastening/ broken zip is the last one available a
nd it really is a bargain, zips and buttons can easily be replaced by someone in-the-know. A gaping blouse or shirt can easily be rectified with a discreet press stud.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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