Thursday, 13 June 2013

Should I wear heels?

High heels are not just for evenings girls! They do wonders for trousers, jeans, skirts and even pyjamas all you need to be is adventurous.

When choosing that perfect pair of shoes to go with that outfit just think:

Weather - Will they get ruined if it rains? How long can I last in them?

How deep is the carpet - You don't want to be walking around and getting your heel stuck in every nook and cranny. 

Can i get from A to B or do i need more help? - Are they made for walking, or will they just fall apart? 

Hazards - Children, crowds, cracks in the floor, uneven surfaces, the weather. 

Dress Code - The perfect pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. So choose wisely. 

Short Arse - Are you going to tower over everyone your with?

Hang the Kittens - In no way are 'kitten heels' acceptable.. No.. Just no.

Know Your Realistic Time Limit - Are you going o be able to cope?

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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