Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hair Care

Getting annoyed trying to train that frizz ball you call hair? With these three guide lines you wont have any trouble getting those locks back to pristine condition.

The Three Main Rules of Hair Care.

Protect Your Hair - When you straighten your hair you're clamping it between two red hot irons - you wouldn't do that to a nice silk blouse, would you?"

Never start styling your hair when it's dripping wet. Leave it to dry until just damp, then finish with a dryer.

Condition Your Hair - Hair, like skin, needs moisture to maintain its vitality and look youthful. Use a treatment on your hair 1 to 2 times a week.

If you suffer from a dry, flaky scalp, massage warm coconut or olive oil through your hair and scalp. Blast it with a hairdryer to melt the oil, wrap your head in a towel and leave it overnight. Wash as normal the next morning and you'll find your hair shinier and your scalp free from dryness.

Trim Your Hair - Trimming removes the split ends that, if left, can give your hair a frizzy texture.

Trimming your fringe or the bits around your face between haircuts can also make your hair look better groomed. Don't get too scissor-happy though - we've all seen disastrous DIY fringes. Many salons will trim your fringe for free if you're a regular customer.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopahlics!

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