Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Rules of Shopping..

When your shopping to some people its a whole other world, the labels, the price and the quality. But to the rest of those people its a chance to get up to date with the latest trends, and *fingers crossed* get the one outfit to impress that someone special.

When I go shopping its a mixture of all things I have just mentioned, the clothes come together and arrange themselves in numerous outfits.. nights out.. casual.. holidays .. festivals.. dressed to impress (if you catch my drift). No matter how long you stay in one shop anything you like can turn into something worth having.

Take a black ribbed pencil skirt for example, pair it with some killer heels, a crop top and either a statement necklace or belt and you have a outfit for a night on the town! Or if your just off to lunch/dinner with your girlfriends choose a baggy top that's a comfy fit but still flattering to your body shape and tuck the front in leaving a messy affect at the back and drawing the eye to your tiny waist, now to top off a pair of ballet pumps and a big oversized bag.. and voilĂ  you have yourself two outfits out of one plain black ribbed pencil skirt. Carry this on and the number of outfits you can create are endless.

When your looking around for that one item that will catch your eye it could take many rails and digging under piles of clothes to find it, but when you do you have the start of your outfit already complete by sticking to these rules you can make one boring out-of-date item of clothing in to next seasons couture!

Get there early - You can beat the crowds and find he best bargains.
Set yourself a limit - Leave the credit cards home and use cash. 
Get comfy - Wear clothes that are easy to change.
Think aheadWinter clothes in the summer are in most cases a lot cheaper and the same with summer clothes in the winter.
Get connected - Sign up for a newsletter and get the latest sales information and what's hot.
Check out the competition - Place items on hold and check elsewhere, most stores will hold your item(s) aside for you if you ask. 
Buy for needs not wants - Don’t buy things just because they are cheap or you got a deal, buy them cause its what you need.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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