Thursday, 23 May 2013

How To: Get Dressed In No Time

Getting dressed in 5 minutes? Do be serious! 

With these 19 little know-hows getting ready will be a thing of the past, no more faffing around about what goes with what and no more running late (yes, we all do it).

1. Venue - know where your going,  how long your going to be there and who you might bump into, it might be your next boyfriend, best friend or boss.. so dress to impress.

2. Layout - plan the outfit in your mind wither it's the night before, while your showering or when your tucked up in bed. 

3. Point of Focus - less is sometimes more, choose one part of your body to show off like boobs, waist or booty.

4. Teeth - flossy, brushed and scrubbed. There is nothing worse than having bad teeth to ruin your perfect smile.

5. Make-Up (step 1) - wash face (cold water is best for those early mornings), cleanse, tone and moisturise. Learn that routine so you are sharp on the ball and you know what follows what.

6. Underwear - don't have anything you can clearly see, like like line of Bridget Jones under those skin tight legging.. No..

7. Perfume (step 1) - layer a few spritses over the body before putting your clothes on so that it can skin into your skin. But always applied after deodorant.

8. Dress - when getting to this stage you know you have made progress, after deciding what to wear at the 'Layout' stage its time to pull on those labels and love your clothes.

9. Make-Up (step 2) - take a look in that mirror and adjust if the eye make-up is too heavy or the lips need more colour.
10. Hair - up or down? strait or curly? this is the time to decide,

11. Shoes - to sum up in one line 'It is impossible to be well dresses in cheap shoes' - Sir Hardy Amies.. if they look cheep don't go there. But I'm my opinion you tell theses days

12. Perfume (step 2) - to avoid the scent being too strong spray a mist in the air and walk into it.

13. Hair - toss.

14. Make-Up and Mirror - one last check.. teeth? tucked in? pushed up? done up? face, flawless?

15. Smile - the deal breaking to any outfit you have.

16. Bag - Check you have your handbag and contents.

17. Outer-Layering -  Is it raining? Do you need a coat? What's the weather like?

18. Lip-Gloss - There is no point doing it until now, there are too many obstacles

19. Finale - 'Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?' .. And your off!

If your still struggling remember a good pair of shoes can make an outfit, but at the same time a bad pair of shoes can irrevocable damage.

Happy Shopping Fellow Shopaholics!

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